Oil Record Book Part II

Duration: 1 day


Course Objectives and Benefits

•Guidance on the proper maintenance and keeping of an official Oil Record Book (Part II ) :

(A)Loading of oil cargo

(B)Internal transfer of oil cargo during voyage

(C)Unloading of oil cargo

(D)Crude oil washing(COW tankers only)

(E)Ballasting of cargo tanks

(F)Ballasting of dedicated clean ballast tanks (CBT tankers only)

(G)Cleaning of cargo tanks

(H)Discharge of dirty ballast

(I)Discharge of water from slop tanks into the sea

(J)Collection,transfer & disposal of residues and oily mixtures not otherwise dealt with

(K)Discharge of clean ballast contained in cargo tanks

(L)Discharge of ballast from dedicated clean ballast tanks (CBT tankers only)

(M)Condition of oil discharge monitoring & control system

(N)Accidental or other exceptional discharges of oil

(O)Additional operational procedures & general remarks tankers engaged in specific trades

(P)Loading of ballast water

(Q)Re-allocation of ballast water within the ship

(R)Ballast water discharge to reception facility


•MARPOL Annex I as ammended regarding Oil Record Book (Part II) :

Proper implementation of IMO Resolution MEPC.187(59)

Proper implementation of IMO Guid. MEPC. 1/Circ.736 (with revisions)


Who should attend

Ship and shore-based staff


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