Tokyo MOU Ships's propulsion and auxiliary machinery,a chalenge to keep under control

International Maritime Organization. Control Committee in November 2014, after which a full report will be submitted to the A detailed analysis of the results of the campaign will be considered by the Port State  the same arrangements during the campaign. The Campaign was carried out jointly with the Paris MOU.

Other MOUs have followed  board remain a challenge to keep under control. preliminary results highlight that propulsion and auxiliary machinery installations on 25% of the detentions were CIC-topic related during the campaign period, the Although the overall results of the CIC are generally satisfactory, given the fact that  54 inspections). inspections), Gibraltar 4.8% (1 out of 21 inspections) and DPR Korea 3.7% (2 out of (1 detention out of 1 inspection), Niue and Spain each 50% (1 detention out of 2 The flags with the highest CIC-topic related detention rate were Comoros with 100%  Liberia (7.2%), Singapore (7%), Marshall Island (5.2%) and Republic of Korea (5%). the flags of Panama (31% of the inspections), followed by Hong Kong (China) (9.8%), The highest number of CIC inspections relating to flag were carried out on ships under and 18% on container ships.  detentions were identified on general cargo/multipurpose ships, 24% on bulk carriers and container ships (16%). In contrast to the above, 35% of the CIC-topic related carriers (34% of the inspections), followed by general cargo/multipurpose ships (23%)

The highest number of CIC inspections relating to ship types were conducted on bulk  the engine room 276 (15%). parts, hot surfaces, electrical shock or other hazards 278 (15.1%) and cleanliness of arrangements for machinery to minimize danger to persons with regard to moving (25.4%), main and auxiliary boilers and boiler feed systems 319 (17.3%), protective campaign were related to the emergency source of power and emergency lighting 468 Preliminary results indicated that the most significant deficiencies found during the  overall CIC detention rate is 4.4%. direct result of the CIC.

The CIC-topic related detentions rate is 1.13% while the during the CIC inspections, among which 72 or 25.5% of them were detained as a conducted with a CIC questionnaire (77.1%). A total of 282 detentions were recorded the CIC by the Tokyo MOU member Authorities, of which 6,367 inspections were During the three-month’s period, a total of 8,257 inspections were carried out during  1 September to 30 November 2013.

Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery from Convention Chapter II-1, member Authorities of the Tokyo MOU undertook a installations. For the purpose of verifying compliance with the requirements of SOLAS deficiencies identified within the Tokyo MOU region are related to machinery (PSC) inspections in previous years. An average of 7% of the total number of the been one of the top six categories of deficiencies recorded during port State control Defects related to propulsion and auxiliary machinery installations have traditionally


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