GMC's LCHS oil tanker simulator

GMC's LCHS oil tanker simulator offers a range of models including Aframax, Panamax and VLCC vessel types.

Based on actual cargo handling systems the simulator includes the segregated ballast system, slop tank arrangements, Tank wash arrangement (including COW) and Inert gas system.  Detailed visual representations of pipelines, valves, pumps, sensors, gauges and  other components in the cargo handling system of an oil tanker realistically recreate the environment.  Systems can be operated directly from screen based or hardware controls including buttons, knobs, gauges and switches.  Operations include:

  • Loading and discharging of different cargo grades with two valve segregation, or homogeneous grade operations
  • Tank atmosphere control including Inerting (Dilution or Displacement method), Purging, Gas freeing and Vapor Return management
  • Ship to ship transfer
  • Tank washing in multiple modes including hot water wash.
  • Cargo heating and wash water heating
  • Handling washings and disposals as per MARPOL including decanting and discharging through ODMCS
  • Tank entry preparations
  • Handling of aux. machinery including Hyd. System, AUS, Stripping system, Eductors, UTI and several others.
  • Portable and Fixed Gas detection equipment and calibration


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