Ship to Ship Oil Transfer Operations with Simulator

Duration: 2 days

Course Objectives and Benefits

The purpose of this course is to provide guidance to the Master and officers directly involved in ship to ship (STS) oil transfer operations with respect to the steps to be followed when the operation is likely to occur. The course  aims at supporting the crew in establishing the safest and most efficient course of action to be taken when conducting STS operations. This course contains guidance on general conditions and operational requirements for when the ship is involved in STS operations, during which both ships involved should comply fully with the safety precautions required for normal cargo operations

Course Highlights

•Oil transfer operations associated with fixed or floating platforms including
drilling rigs; floating production, storage and offloading facilities (FPSOs) used for the offshore production and storage of oil; and floating storage units (FSUs) used for the offshore storage of produced oil.
•Bunkering operations.
•Ship to Ship cargo handling.
•STS operations necessary for the purpose of securing the safety of a ship or
saving life at sea, or for combating specific pollution incidents in order to minimize the damage from pollution.

Who Should Attend
Course is intended for Master and officers directly involved in ship to ship (STS) oil transfer operations


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