Training Course for Instructors

Duration: 10 days

Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to address the requirements of STCW Part B-I/6 – “… instructors and assessors are appropriately qualified and experienced… in instructional techniques” ,IMO Model course 6.09 and the Level 4 requirements of TMSA Element 2 to “… promote appropriate interpersonal skills training. Courses include subjects such as … presentation skills …” It is intended for maritime training instructors and assessors who are responsible for conducting internal training and seminars. Course participants will be familiarized with training techniques, the process of formulating a training plan, developing training objectives, selecting learning processes, designing practical assessments, improving presentation skills including a workshop session where participants deliver a presentation on video. The course is a helpful refresher for the experienced instructor and an asset for those with less knowledge on presentation/communication skills and aptitudes

Course Highlights

•The purpose of training
•Process of identifying training needs
•Benefits of training
•Aspects of the learning process
•Setting training objectives
•Designing, planning and organizing presentations/courses
•Training methodologies
•Presentation/communication skills and aptitudes
•Interpersonal skills
•Assessment techniques
•Evaluation of training

Who Should Attend
Marine supervisors and instructors of marine training courses.


The course is approved by  the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Republic of Cyprus.


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