ERM/Engine Room Simulator

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Duration: 5 days


This course is in accordance with STCW 2010 and IMO Model course 2.07 (2015 edition), using a 3D engine-room simulator.

The exercises are supervised by an instructor and will initially allow the trainee to become familiar with the machinery and controls used in the engine-rooms of modern merchant ships. Furthermore, the trainee shall become skilled in the scanning of instrument displays when assessing the normal operational conditions of a propulsion plant.

Each exercise is preceded by a briefing session and followed up by a group debrief, which will analyze the actions and decisions of the trainee.


To provide knowledge and skills related to operation, supervising and monitoring the safe operation and control of a ship’s machinery in accordance with provisions of the STCW Code.

In particular, the trainee will be able to have:

– familiarization with the use of instrumentation and controls used in the engine-rooms of modern merchant ships

– an awareness of the need for proper pre-planning, the use of checklists and of the timescale involved in starting up propulsion plant machinery

– experience in identifying operational problems and trouble-shooting them

– the ability of logical decision making which promotes operational safety

The course is approved by the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Panama Maritime Authority & the Republic of Cyprus.

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