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Duration: 3 days

Certified Gold Guest Service Professional Seminar

Five-star service begins with your employees, and service is more important than ever in a tough, tight, and competitive market. Excellent guest service is not an expense, but an investment. Statistics prove that guests reward exceptional service with loyalty and increased spending.

Today’s successful hospitality employee must have effective guest service skills in today’s competitive market. They must be able to engage and connect with their guest to go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Certified Guest Service Professional designation provides recognition for those individuals that know how to achieve and express exceptional service by engaging with their guests and creating memorable experiences. Recognized worldwide, the CGSP designation is the highest acknowledgment of awarding winning guest service for employees in the lodging industry.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate and, to be worn on their uniform in recognition of their knowledge and skills in guest service.

Guest Service Program Offers a Complete Property Training Plan and Certification

Guest Service Platinum, a new guest service training program shows employees and owners how to achieve a new standard of exceptional service based on emotionally engaging with guests in memorable ways. It is a comprehensive program designed to accomplish the goal of creating guest service-oriented line level employees who know how to engage with their guests to provide memorable guest service. Core components include training, employee certification and property/yacht certification.

Guest Service Platinum features a video with seven brief stories -based on true stories of award-winning guest service-focusing on the emotional elements used to motivate and inspire hotel employees to ‘go for the gold’ when it comes to providing service above and beyond guests expectations.

The training focuses on the 7 Elements of Guest Service GOLD:

↗ Authenticity: Keep it Real

↗ Intuition: Read the Need

↗ Empathy: Use your Heart

↗ Champion: Be a Guest Hero

↗ Delight: Provide a Surprise

↗ Delivery: Follow Through

↗ Initiative: Make the Effort

Each student receives a Guest Service Gold Participant’s Workbook with many exercises and activities that the trainer will use to help the participants learn how to apply the seven GOLD elements with guests each day.

Employee Certification

Each line-level employee who completes the Guest Service Gold Training Program including a certification examination, or an equivalent training program offered by the property is eligible to become a Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP). S/he will receive a Certificate by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute or/ and by …the name of your company ……… “7 Star Exceptional Customer Service” Certificate.

Property Certification
A property that certifies 100% of its line-level positions will become a Certified Guest Service Property. The property will receive a plaque to proudly display in their lobby/front desk area for guest to recognize their commitment to providing exceptional guest service

Trainer is a Green Belt, Six Sigma (Starwood Hotel Trainer), trained by the official English Royal Family Butler, with over 16 years experience working at 5 star hotels, 8 of which at Starwood

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