Maritime Labour Convention (ILO-MLC, 2006) Awareness And Implementation

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Duration: 1 day

Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to provide participants with an understanding of the structure and background of the ILO as well as the fundamentals of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 that is applicable to the maritime industry and is expected to enter into force by 2013. It also enhances participant awareness on key related issues such as the shipowner’s duties and responsibilities under the new convention and for the protection of seafarers. The course also addresses the requirements for health and safety as well as accident prevention of seafarers and the appropriate implementation of standards through an effective safety management system.

Course Highlights

•Development and Structure of the ILO
•Novel Features of the New Convention
•The role of the IMO
•Compliance and Enforcement
•Ship-owner’s Liability
•Training and Qualifications of Seafarers
•Health and Safety Protection and Accident Prevention
•Flag State and Port State Control responsibilities
•Conditions of Employment
•Incorporation of New Convention requirements into Management Systems
•Implementation benefits and monitoring

Who Should Attend
Ship and shore-based staff involved in daily ship operations.

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