MARPOL Awareness

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Duration: 2 days

General objectives

Those who have successfully completed the course will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in all updating MARPOL regulations entering into force.

Course Framework

This knowledge and understanding shall include, but is not limited to the following topics:

October 2010 amendments to MARPOL
North American Emission Control Area (SOx, and NOx and PM) becomes effective, under MARPOL Annex VI.

Date of entry into force 1 August 2012

July 2011 amendments to MARPOL
Annex VI Energy Efficiency

Annex VI Emissions

Annex IV Sewage

Annex V Garbage

Date of entry into force 1 January 2013

March 2012 amendments to MARPOL
Amendments to MARPOL Annexes I, II, IV, V and VI which are aimed at enabling small island developing States to comply with requirements for port States to provide reception facilities for ship waste through regional arrangements. Parties participating in a regional arrangement must develop a Regional Reception Facilities Plan and provide particulars of the identified Regional Ships Waste Reception Centres; and particulars of those ports with only limited facilities.

Date of entry into force 1 August 2013

October 2010 amendments to MARPOL
Revised MARPOL Annex III Regulations for the prevention of pollution by harmful substances carried by sea in packaged form adopted in order for changes to the Annex to coincide with the next update of the mandatory International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, specifying that goods should be shipped in accordance with relevant provisions.

Date of entry into force 1 January 2014

Those who have successfully completed the course shall demonstrate the intention to:

fully observe procedures for monitoring ship-board operations and ensure compliance with requirements for environmental protection
act to ensure that the positive environmental reputation of shipping is maintained.
Entry standards The course is designed for officers and officers in charge of a navigational or an engineering watch.

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