Refresher Course On The Examination For The Issue Of Maltese Certificates Of Competency

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GMC offers this course to enable candidates who wish to sit and pass an oral examination conducted by an examiner approved and provided by the Malta Administration. To undertake the examination, the candidate must show proof of the qualifying requirements as detailed above, to the satisfaction of the Administration. This examination is designed to ensure that the candidate has sufficient and up to date knowledge of the present state of international and national legislation and a thorough knowledge of safety rules, risk assessment, and codes of practice that apply to vessels at that time. The syllabus for Masters (Unlimited) is being attached for your perusal.

The oral examination is aimed at ensuring the candidate’s ability to undertake the duties appropriate to the Master and that they are sufficiently up to date with changes in procedures, equipment and legislation. All candidates must demonstrate an adequate knowledge of the English language.

A candidate failing the oral examination through serious weakness may, at the examiner’s discretion and in discussion with the Administration, be given an option to do a re-sit within the same examination session (Week). A candidate not appearing for an oral examination at the appointed time may be failed by default unless reasonable proof can be provided that the failure to attend was unavoidable. In all cases a further re sit fee would be payable upon application.

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