GMC's Chemical Cargo Handling Simulator

GMC's Chemical Cargo Handling Simulator accurately reproduces the typical cargo handling systems found on a chemical tanker.

The simulator is modeled on the cargo systems found on IMO type II and type III chemical tankers suitable for the carriage of category X, Y, Z and other substances in bulk.  The simulated cargo space is divided into 20 cargo tanks with individual loading and discharging lines including manifolds.  An individual tank venting line is provided for each tank along with a segregated ballast system, designated slop tank arrangements and a tank cleaning system.

The simulator allows trainees to operate the complete set of systems and to carry out all standard chemical tanker cargo operations, including:

  • Loading and simultaneous discharging of multiple cargo parcels
  • Tank atmosphere control including Inerting (Dilution or Displacement), Gas freeing, Nitrogen padding or Purging.
  • Ship to Ship Transfers
  • Tank cleaning with chemicals , hot sea water or fresh water
  • Tank steaming and drying


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