Top quality training @ GMC with 3 integrated Bridge Simulators exercise


BRM/BTM/SHIP HANDLING/BRIDGE SIMULATOR (5-days cource at 8:30- 14:30 weekly)


Top quality training  at GMC with 3 integrated Bridge Simulators exercise,our participants experienced a unique training scenario!

This course is practical and theoretical and consists of a series of exercises performed on a ship handling simulator. Classroom lectures provide the necessary theoretical background for the exercises, are included. Particular items dealt with in these lectures are illustrated either by including them as part of an exercise or by a separate simulator demonstration. Bridge teamwork is dealt with lecture.

Exercises are controlled by an instructor and, initially, allow the trainees to become familiar with the equipment, the controls and the instrumentation provided by the simulator.

The exercises increase in complexity as the course progresses and as trainees become familiar with the manoeuvring characteristics of the ship model and its response to the engine and helm in various conditions. The final exercises deal with the planning and execution of a coastal passage from port to port and will make use of the knowledge and skills learned in all of the previous exercises. Equipment failure or malfunction will be introduced during the latest exercises to afford trainees practice in taking emergency preventive action and to practice on bridge teamwork in critical situations.




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