Computer Training For Seafarers

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Duration: 5 days

Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is an introduction to computers and everyday computer applications. It is comprised by three main parts: computer hardware and information technology, use of office software and use of Internet and e-mails. Emphasis is given on the practical understanding of the above concepts thus the majority of time will be spent on examples taken from everyday situations and on tips for improving working performance. Computers will be used in class so the participants can learn and implement their knowledge in real-time situations.

Course Highlights

•The main goal of the seminars is to teach the attendants how to perform basic everyday computers tasks using the available software in the most efficient way time-wise and cost-wise
•Overview of basic computer hardware components and their functions
•Introduction and familiarization with Windows 7 environment
•Introduction and training on the typical computer office software based on the Open Office suite
•Understanding and using Internet and e-mails
•Presentation of supplementary software for performing or improving other useful tasks not covered above.
•Use of computers in class for achieving the best possible assimilation of practical tasks

Who Should Attend
Marine personnel who need to understand computers and their applications with basic or no experience on such matters.

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