Duration: 1 day

Course Objectives and Benefits

This course is intended to provide trainees with sufficient knowledge of using, maintaining, bump testing and calibrating a gas detector pre-entry a possible hazardous confined space. Therefore, this knowledge will help them prevent possible human accidents or property damage/loss caused by ignorance of hazardous environment and misuse of a gas detector.

Course Highlights

• Risk of fire explosion; fire triangle; flammable limit; flammable gas properties
• Risk of poisoning when exposed to Hydrogen Sulphide or Carbon Monoxide
• Risk of suffocation
• Area classification
• Defining confined space
• Presenting likely hazards encountered in confined spaces
• Learning to deal with confined spaces
• Pre-entry checks to determine hazards
• Continuous atmospheric monitoring when in confined space
• Maintenance of a gas detector
• Bump test of a gas detector
• Calibration of a gas detector

Who Should Attend
Marine personnel who need to understand computers and their applications with basic or no experience on such matters.