ISO 50001:2011 Awareness & Implementation

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Duration: 1 day

Course Objectives and Benefits

This seminar is aimed at companies who want to establish and implement an energy management system according to ISO 50001 and to give the aspect “energy” an appropriate role.


This seminar informs about the requirements of the energy management standard ISO 50001. Participants learn about the basics necessary to establish an energy management system. Participants will receive valuable information how to implement the standard requirements in procedures and processes. Furthermore, information will be taught on how to use an existing management system and to extend for the tasks of an EnMS.

Energy efficiency and energy management today are important issues for all companies, big and small. This seminar provides information about the content and the structure of an energy management system (EnMS) according to the ISO 50001 as well as about the procedure to establish and implement the respective system. Differences and similarities with environmental and/or quality management systems are highlighted and the integration of an EnMS into existing systems is discussed.

The course focuses on:

Standard requirements
Conformity with standard requirements
Documentation and objective evidences for implementation of standard requirements
Processes, process management, process organisation in case of energy management
Management of interfaces
Organisation and responsibilities

Who should attend:

Shore & Shipboard Personnel

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