ECDIS FURUNO Type-Specific Training FEA-2107/2807 Or FMD-3100/3200/3300

Total Glyfada Courses: 86 || Course Number: 8 || Course Category: Glyfada

Duration: 2 or 3 days

Course Objectives and Benefits

This type specific ECDIS training course provides the trainees with specific knowledge of the functionality and effective use of the FURUNO ECDIS.

Course Highlights

Familiarisation with available functions
familiarisation with the menu structure
Display setup
Setting safety value
Route planning
Route monitoring
Recognition of alarm and malfunction
indicators and the actions to be taken
Changing over to backup systems
Loading and updating of charts and licenses
Updating software
The course is concluded with a compulsory test and, if passed, a certificate is issued. The certificate confirms the successful completion of the type specific ECDIS course.

Who Should Attend

Active navigators who have already received generic ECDIS training (IMO 1.27 Model Course), who are operating a FURUNO ECDIS today or planning to operate one in the future.

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