ECDIS Generic Training

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Duration: 5 days

Course Objectives and Benefits

This ECDIS training course provides the trainees with knowledge of the functionality and effective use of the ECDIS.


This ECDIS training course provides the trainees with knowledge of the ECDIS as a system, the ECDIS operation, electronic chart materials and practical navigation by using ECDIS. In addition, the training course includes terms and conditions for paperless navigation.

The course provides the navigator with the knowledge and tools to safely shift from traditional paper chart navigation to electronic chart navigation by the use of ECDIS.

The training course not only focuses on the many advantages and safety features obtained by operating an ECDIS. Also, the limitations of ECDIS are addressed throughout the course.

The course is concluded with 3 compulsory tests and, if passed, a certificate is issued. The certificate confirms the successful completion of the ECDIS course, meeting the requirements of the IMO Model Course 1.27.

The training complies with the IMO STCW 2010 code.

Who Should Attend

Active navigators, who operate ECDIS today or are planning to operate ECDIS in the future (STCW requires that all masters and officers in charge of a navigational watch (Officer of the Watch: OOW) on a ship fitted with ECDIS must have completed a generic ECDIS course). Local administrations or vetting administrations might require the OOW to hold an ECDIS certificate in accordance with IMO model course 1.27. The training course is generic, hence covering general operation aspects for all brands of ECDIS.

The course is approved by the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Panama Maritime Authority and the Republic of Cyprus.

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