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Tanker Safety Officer

Tanker Safety Officer

COURSE CATEGORY: Operational Deck, Operational Engine


This course is intended to provide participants with an understanding of how to implement, monitor and continually comply with an effective safety management system in combination with the requirements of the latest applicable maritime industry standards. The impact on safety management of this element for both ship and shore-based personnel is addressed, together with reference to current regulatory and other requirements. In addition, the course is intended to raise the awareness of participants with respect to the day-to-day implementation of the safety officer’s duties and responsibilities in line with safety management procedures and practices.

Tanker Safety Officer Course Highlights
-The role of the IMO on safety
-International conventions
-ΙSM Code requirements: safety management systems (SMS)
-Continual improvement process
-Flag State and Port State Control
-TMSA requirements
-Application of risk-based methodology
-Permit to work systems, shipboard operations
-Emergency preparedness, communications
-Safety officer – duties and responsibilities
-Personnel safety and shipboard training
-Human factors – lessons to be learned
-Maintaining the integrity of an effective SMS

Who Should Attend: Shipboard and shore-based safety officers

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